12.9″ iPad coming in the second half of 2014, rumor has it. iWatch mass production now set for Q2

A bigger iPad is coming next year. At least that’s what the rumor mill has been saying for many months now. Apple will go to 12.9 inches for this iPad’s screen size, and the device may or may not be called iPad Maxi (or iPad Max). So far we’ve heard that it was in testing at Quanta Computer, a well known ODM, and that screens for it are already in production at a Korean company (which is probably LG).

Until now we’ve been led to believe that it will arrive in early 2014, but if the latest rumor on the matter is spot on, then that won’t happen. DigiTimes once again quotes its infamous “sources from the upstream supply chain” in saying that production for the big iPad will only start in the second half of 2014. Which means we shouldn’t expect an announcement earlier than August or September. That would obviously fit with Apple’s newfound love for unveiling new devices in the fall, so we think it might just be plausible.


Quanta has already landed orders from Apple for the bigger tablet. This rough timeline (of production starting in the second half of 2014) could be changed by delays stemming from the manufacturing process. We’re too far away from the possible launch for things to be set in stone, keep that in mind.

Oh, and there’s also the possibility, however slight, that the 12.9-inch is just a figment of someone’s imagination. Or that Apple is indeed testing something like this, but isn’t set on releasing it yet. If it does, though, demand is expected to be limited to enterprise and educational uses primarily.

Mass production for Apple’s first smartwatch (iWatch) has now been delayed from the first quarter of next year to the second, according to the same sources. This has happened because of low yields, a recurrent problem in the mobile device manufacturing industry unfortunately. “Pilot production” has apparently already started, but that’s it for now.

The iWatch will be made by Inventec, Quanta, or Foxconn (or all of them, or any two of them). The three ODMs are currently in the process of competing with each other for Apple’s orders for the smartwatch. Their order proportions haven’t been decided yet.

Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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