Gold HTC One becomes official, may be hitting stores in mid-December

Following in the footsteps of Apple, HTC is now introducing a gold version of its flagship smartphone. You may have a feeling of deja vu, since we’ve already seen a gold HTC One back in September in Russia. That, though, was 24-carat gold. While the handset unveiled today isn’t that precious, it’s just an HTC One colored in ‘gold’. And it uses a hue that’s quite similar to the one Apple employs in its gold iPhone 5S – way more understated than the naming may make it seem.

The gold model is identical in all respects to the other color variations of the HTC One, save for the coloring, obviously. It joins the black, silver, blue, and red options which are currently on sale (though they may not all be offered by every carrier or retailer).

One gold

Unless HTC decides to charge a premium for the premium-looking hue, the gold HTC One should be priced at the same level as the other versions. In Finland, a pre-order page seems to have gone up prematurely at a well known local retailer (though the listing has been taken down now). e’s Phoneblog tells us that the gold One was priced at €625 and the release date was slated to be December 12. Obviously that information could have been wrong, but maybe it was just a case of someone pulling the trigger too fast and those are the actual details for the gold One (at least as applicable to Finland).

Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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