iPhone 5C starts really moving in India. Outsells Galaxy S4 and settles the debate of what was wrong with it

Things may be turning around for iPhone 5C in India. According to some retailers, Apple’s troubled handset is now outselling Samsung’s Galaxy S4 there.

Just like everywhere else around the world, iPhone 5S was a smash hit in India. It sold out within days of official launch, and retailers have been facing serious shortages for Apple’s flagship smartphone ever since.

iPhone 5C, on the other hand, wasn’t doing too well, also just like everywhere else. Very few customers were opting for it instead of only slightly more expensive iPhone 5S.

Then Apple did what it should have done from the start. Last week it cut iPhone 5C price in India by 13 000 rupee ($208), at least.

iPhone 5C

Of course, Apple couldn’t actually cut iPhone 5C price by that much, if at all. It would have been an admission that they erred on 5C pricing, and Apple simply doesn’t do such things. So they created an old smartphone  trade-in program, offering cashbacks starting at Rs 13K on iPhone 5C and 4S purchases.

And iPhone 5C sales took off. According to several retailers, both iPhone 5S AND iPhone 5C are outselling Samsung’s Galaxy S4 flagship in India now. And, some of them say that over the weekend, after  trade-in program started, new iPhone sales volumes have tripled. Apple now plans to expand the trade-ins across emerging markets in Asia Pacific and Latin America.

The evidence is very anecdotal so far, but if these reports are confirmed, we will finally be able to settle the debate of what was wrong with iPhone 5C, and put all those theories about how $550 5C made a lot sense and was part of smart Apple strategy, to rest. The only thing wrong with iPhone 5C was its price – too high and too close to the flagship model.

Now that Tim Cook’s team has found a way to cut its younger model prices, without actually admitting it is cutting them, iPhone 5C may soon start bringing in some serious numbers in places Apple was particularly weak, and where a lot of future smartphone growth will come from – the emerging markets.

Source: Indian Express

Author: Stasys Bielinis

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