Take that XPlay 3S. Meizu MX4G will come with even sharper 2560x1536px resolution 5.5” display

Smartphone display resolution war in China has officially entered the crazy territory.

At first there was Vivo, telling the world that their XPlay 3S smartphone will come equipped with 2K (2560×1440)  resolution display.

Now Meizu’s J. Wong – former CEO and Flyme interface skin developer – has chimed in with the news about upcoming MX4G flagship. Which will have  an even bigger, 5.5”  2560x1536px resolution screen.

Meizu MX4G J Wong

If you crunch some numbers – 5.5” 2560×1536 pixels translates into 542 PPI, 15: 9 aspect ratio display. Other than screen size, resolution and the name implying 4G support, no other details about Meizu MX4G are available just yet.

Though now, that  cat’s out of the bag, expect details about the new device start popping up all over the Chinese net soon.

And if you wonder why MX4G comes with such strange display proportions, it’s because they already went with a non-traditional 15:9 screen aspect ratio on their current MX3 flagship. Meizu says that its Flyme Android skin is very  well optimized for one hand operation on 5.1” 15:9 display, so they chose to do it again with MX4.

Source: Meizu via ePrice Weibo

Author: Stasys Bielinis

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