Catcher will start shipping Galaxy S5 metal chassis to Samsung in December

For a long while now, many people have been claiming that Samsung simply has to give up on using plastic for its high-end flagship smartphones, and switch to metal instead. This has to do with the lack of perceived ‘premium’ feel for the company’s devices, which is something that the likes of HTC are said to excel in. Sales numbers tend to disagree, however, but that hasn’t stopped this crowd.

They may get what they’ve been asking for with the Galaxy S5, though. A few days ago we told you that Samsung could be working on two versions for its next flagship, one of which will sport a metal chassis. Now this is ‘confirmed’ by yet another rumor, further claiming that Catcher Technology of Taiwan is getting ready to start shipping metal chassis for the Galaxy S5 in December.

Samsung metal

This is the same company that is responsible for the casings of some of Apple’s iPads, so it clearly knows its metal. Along with Catcher, BYD and Ju-Teng are said to also be entering Samsung’s supply chain on this occasion, but more details are unknown at this point.

The Samsung Galaxy S5 may arrive earlier than anticipated. In fact, it could be on the market in February or March, with mass production starting in January. Timeline-wise, that would align nicely with casings being made from December.

But these are all rumors for now, so don’t take them too seriously. Anyway, if the Galaxy S5 is indeed only a couple of months away, then expect to see more and more leaks about it very soon.

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Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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