China Mobile iPhone 5S/5C pre-order site goes live for a few hours. Racks-up very impressive numbers

Those China Mobile iPhone 5S/5C pre-order page screenshots we told you about yesterday? They were genuine.

Late this night China Mobile did actually start taking online pre-orders in one medium sized (for China) city of Suzhou, through a site, owned by its local subsidiary. We checked the WHOIS data, and domain indeed belongs to China Mobile.

The page has been taken offline after just a few hours,  but you can still see Google’s cached version of it here.

China Mobile iPhone 5S 5C pre reg site live

So, was it a mistake by some China Mobile contracted web developer? Maybe.

But it looks much more like an early test run to gauge the potential iPhone demand and see what resources will have to be deployed, so China Mobile’s biggest launch of the year does not go the way of and Moto X Cyber Monday deals.  And that demand, if  limited only to Suzhou – a city  of just 4 million, was impressive indeed.

During the few hours that the page was live, it racked up more than 1200 pre-orders (1249 was the number I last saw). Now consider that those were just early registrations, with no devices available for more than two weeks. And think about what will happen when China Mobile’s iPhone 5S/5C becomes available to everyone. Or just every one of CM’s  755 million customers. Or, if you are really picky, just take 170 million of their 3G customers.

Anyway you look at it, there is going to be a huge boost to iPhone 5S/5C sales as soon as it becomes available on China Mobile. Well, no surprise there. After all, world’s biggest carrier in worlds biggest smartphone market already has 42 million iPhone using customers, even though those customers are stuck with the old 2G/GPRS/Edge network.

How many of them, do you think, are ready for an upgrade?

Via: Fortune

Author: Stasys Bielinis

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