LG G Flex-like curved smartphones to make up 40% of the market by 2018

LG announced the G Flex at the end of October, and its international rollout is about to start, as we told you earlier today. This, however, is only the first product from the Korean company to feature a flexible or bent display – with many more to come.

In fact, LG believes that curved/bendy/flexible smartphones like the G Flex will make up 40% of the market by 2018. This tidbit comes via Dr. Ramchan Woo, head of mobile planning for the company. The motivation behind such products? Getting bored of flat smartphones, apparently.


Obviously the LG G Flex isn’t flexible per se, although it can be forced to bend flat. LG tested this with 88 pounds of pressure, repeating the test 100 times without any damage to the phone’s construction. Later models will become more and more bendy or flexible, however fully flexible smartphones are still a dream at this point – they’re about a decade away. By 2015, LG’s experts believe that 12% of smartphones will be curved or bendable in some way.

LG worked on the G Flex for three years, but subsequent devices won’t take as long since many things are already in place, in terms of manufacturing and such. For the G Flex, the plastic of the casing, the glass that covers the screen, and the battery proved to be the biggest challenges. By employing a “stack and folding” design for building the G Flex’s battery, LG managed to make it larger than the one in the similarly sized G Pro – and it didn’t negatively impact the curved construction either.

The Korean company claims that tight collaboration between many of its divisions (such as LG Display, LG Innotek, and LG Chem) is what made the G Flex a reality. Hopefully the curved handsets to come from LG in the future will manage to be more impressive somehow.

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Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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