MediaTek’s first 4G LTE chipset will be octa-core, ready in January

Last month, Taiwanese mobile chipset maker MediaTek launched its first octa-core solution, the MT6592. This is billed by the company as the world’s first “true octa-core” processor, as it is able to use all of its eight cores at once, or none; or in any combination required by the current load.

Quickly, many Chinese smartphone makers have unveiled new devices sporting this processor, so it’s clearly been a success. But there’s another very important chipset in the works at MediaTek: the MT6595. This will basically be the 4G LTE capable version of the MT6592.


It will still be “true octa-core”, in fact we’re expecting it to be almost identical to the MT6592, save for that one important thing: LTE support. It will be the first MediaTek chip to support the fastest mobile networks currently out there, and for the first time the Taiwanese company will be on par, in terms of network support, with all of its big competitors.

This obviously will bode well for the Chinese smartphone makers that are still MediaTek’s main customers, as they’ll be able to churn out inexpensive 4G LTE handsets – now that China has officially entered the 4G era.

The MediaTek MT6595 is expected to be ready to ship to device makers in January. It’s currently in “advanced testing” at some of MediaTek’s customers.

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Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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