Samsung starts Galaxy Note 3 Lite production

According to a report from Korean media, Samsung has started production of the Galaxy Note 3 Lite today. This phablet is supposed to be an emerging markets-focused lower-cost variation of the Galaxy Note 3 that the company launched in September.

We first heard about it around ten days ago, although some of its specs had been rumored previously (and not accurately) for the “full price” Galaxy Note 3. Take, for example, the LCD screen. There were some mumblings here and there over the summer that the Galaxy Note 3 would come with an LCD display. It turns out that was just the Lite version. Also, at one point it was said that Samsung was testing multiple screen sizes for the Note 3. That apparently did happen, but the company settled on a 5.68″ LCD for the cheaper model – so as not to impede S Pen operation.


To further cut costs, Samsung is using an 8 MP rear camera on the Galaxy Note 3 Lite, as opposed to a 13 MP sensor on the original. It’s unclear what other things the company changed to make the price smaller, but we’re assuming the back cover will lose the faux leather finish and just be a regular plastic one.

All this said, if the Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 chipset and 3 GB of RAM inside remain untouched, the new Galaxy Note 3 Lite has the potential to be quite a success. Obviously, there are fears of self-cannibalization though – the cheaper model could ‘eat into’ some of the possible sales of the more expensive handset. That’s probably going to happen, but to what extent isn’t really clear right now. Either way, Samsung expects about 30% of its Note phablet sales to be made up of the new Lite variation, which means that the full price handset won’t have much to fear.

One important detail about the Note 3 Lite will definitely be its price. But unfortunately we haven’t heard anything about that so far. Though because of the aforementioned sales prediction (that just 30% of Notes sold will be the Lite version), we assume the discount will be akin to what Apple has done with the iPhone 5C. So you really shouldn’t expect a Note 3 Lite that’s half the price of the Note 3.

Via ETNews

Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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