Oppo Find 7 will sport 2K display, size won’t be 5.7″

Oppo’s upcoming flagship smartphone, the Find 7, will be one of the first handsets in the world to sport a 2K display. The information comes straight from the Chinese company itself, which has taken to Twitter to post a teaser saying as much.

Unfortunately the exact resolution or screen size aren’t mentioned. Technically, you can even call a 1080p screen “2K”, but Oppo will clearly go for more, as evidenced by the image you can see below. We’re assuming it will probably be 2,560×1,440, since that’s what we’ve seen on other devices such as the Vivo Xplay 3S.

Oppo Find 7 teaser

So that settles that. As for the screen size, that’s another matter entirely. The aforementioned Vivo Xplay 3S will be officially unveiled tomorrow, and it’s been rumored to go with a 5.7″ panel. That, however, won’t be the case for the Oppo Find 7. A few days ago, Carl Pei, Oppo’s former International Markets Manager, took to Google+ to announce that the handset won’t have a 5.7″ or an even more ridiculous 7″ touchscreen.

Everything else about the Find 7 is a mystery for now, save for the fact that it will probably come with 4G LTE support. That’s quickly turning into a must for the Chinese market now that the state has finally granted 4G licenses to the carriers over there.

Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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