Meizu wants to enter the US market, will showcase devices at CES

Way, way before Xiaomi was cool in China there was Meizu. Well, the company obviously still exists, but recently it’s been ever so slightly pushed off of the spotlight by Xiaomi. Yet Meizu was the first Chinese handset maker that focused on quality, in an era where other domestic manufacturers were struggling to put out devices with features and build quality to rival those of Apple or the big Android players.

It’s a different story now, though. At least a dozen Chinese smartphone makers currently churn out decent (or even great) handsets at insanely low prices, and low prices were not part of Meizu’s strategy until recently – when it was forced by the rise of Xiaomi to reconsider.

Perhaps in part because of the increased competition in its home market, Meizu is now looking to expand internationally. And it seems like the first big market it chose is the US. That’s bold, clearly. Some companies like to focus on smaller markets before going to the big ones, but not Meizu.


It will showcase its devices (including the MX3 pictured above) during CES in January, and it’s expected to release its first phones in the US at some point after that. This will make for an interesting experiment, undoubtedly. Meizu has plenty of brand recognition in China, but (we’re guessing) none in the US. So how will it try to succeed? What sales model will it employ? We’re probably going to find out more in a few weeks, so stay tuned.

Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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