Samsung’s first Tizen smartphone may be unveiled on February 23 pre-MWC

The first smartphone running Tizen was supposed to come out in 2012. That didn’t happen. Then we heard that it would arrive this year. That won’t happen either. This is hardly surprising, since delays have been rumored since July.

Now though, we’re hearing that it’s going to magically appear in 2014. Early 2014, even. Should you even believe anything relating to Tizen device releases anymore? Probably not. But wait. The Tizen “backers” (among which you may have heard of Samsung) have sent out invites for an event on February 23, which is one day before Mobile World Congress starts.

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At this event, participants will get “an exclusive sneak preview of the newest Tizen devices as well as an opportunity to learn about the major milestones that the Tizen project has hit since last year’s event” – whatever that means. We want to believe that a smartphone (Samsung-made, naturally) will be there, but at this point who knows. Oh, and yes, there was a Tizen event at MWC 2013. Apparently some unspecified hardware from Samsung, running version 2.0 of the OS, was shown. Then one whole year passes and nothing, no smartphone launches whatsoever.

This obviously has people thinking that the OS was far from ready in its 2.0 incarnation, so onwards to 3.0, right? Well, sort of. It looks like that version will be finished around the third quarter of next year, unless it gets delayed too. The first Samsung Tizen smartphone should be running the 2.2.1 version of the OS. Hopefully this will be the model showcased in Barcelona in February.

One thing is clear, though: with Tizen, nothing is really set in stone. Keep that in mind.

Via IT News

Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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