LG Gx will reach the UK in January

The LG Gx was officially unveiled in South Korea last week, and at that point it seemed highly unlikely that it would make its way to any other country. The device got a release on just one Korean carrier, which is not something that usually happens.

But the good news is that the Gx is on its way to the UK. And it will arrive there sometime next month. That should be great if you’re in the UK and crave an LG-made phablet.


See, the Optimus G Pro was never officially sold in the UK. The G Pro was the company’s first phablet and the Gx’s predecessor. It’s tough to say why LG needed to announce the Gx, though, since it’s almost identical to the Optimus G Pro in all respects. The design is ever so slightly different, and the Gx seems to have support for LTE-Advanced, but other than that they are basically the same phone. Maybe LG just wanted to get rid of the Optimus brand at all costs?

Whatever the reasoning, the Gx is now LG’s flagship phablet, and it’s coming to the UK. That gives us hope that maybe it will end up being released in other parts of Europe too, and will get a much more global rollout than the G Pro. We’ll keep you posted.

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Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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  • ClementinaKaminski

    I am waiting for the Upcoming Product of LG GX in the January.

  • MelbaHollman

    I will waiting for the Upcoming product in the UK January.


  • J N

    Its serious concern over prize of phones LG is selling now, see at LG G Flex, its over prized, even higher than IPhone top spec. If they cant manage cost of phone, they are in trouble in market share.