Galaxy S5 may come with Sharp’s 2K 560 ppi LTPS display, instead of Samsung’s own AMOLED

Since the first Galaxy S launched back in 2010, Samsung has been using its own AMOLED displays for its flagships. But things might be different for the next generation Galaxy S5 smartphone.

Chinese Tencent reports that Samsung has chosen Sharp’s 5.25” 2K Ultra HD 560 ppi LTPS display panels for SGS5.

Samsung Galaxy Tab X

The reason for the switch? Samsung’s SDI subsidiary has encountered some serious production/yield issues with its 2K AMOLED displays and can not make enough of them to meet the projected Galaxy S5 sales volumes.

That, and Samsung’s strong focus on getting its flexible AMOLED production to a mass market scale by 2015 prompted it to turn to Sharp for 2014 flagship screens.

Samsung also bought a 3% stake in Sharp back in spring of 2013.

Souce: Tencent

Author: Stasys Bielinis

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