Moto X for Europe may finally get unveiled on January 14

The Moto X has been universally praised by reviewers for adequately marrying hardware specs to software features, proving that an Android smartphone doesn’t need to sport all the latest bells and whistles to be usable. It’s still Motorola’s flagship offering, despite not coming with top of the line specs for this day and age (and let’s not forget that it wasn’t bleeding edge even when it launched last summer).

There’s just one problem with the Moto X: severely restricted availability. But that may change soon, and we could finally see the Moto X make it to places that aren’t in the Americas.


The Google-owned phone maker has started sending invites like the one you see above to press outlets in Europe. Yes, things are obviously cryptic (by design), but this could be it. Motorola may announce European availability for the X on January 14 – which is exactly one week from today, incidentally.

On the other hand, we could be talking about an all-new device here, maybe even a tablet. No one knows at this point, but regardless of what exactly it will unveil Motorola really needs to take Europe seriously and make it part of its plans – it’s a huge addressable market, after all.

Via Pocket-lint

Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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