4.7″ iPhone 6 (iPhone Air) rumored to keep 8 MP camera, casing leaks showing it may be very thin

This year has barely started, yet the Apple-related rumor mill is already churning out leaks about the next iPhone. There’s been a small break in mumblings about the iPhone line for a few weeks, but that’s clearly over now.

So, ready or not, here we go. The first bit comes to us from The China Post, a publication which claims that the iPhone 6 will have an 8 MP camera. The iPhone 5S, which is currently Apple’s flagship smartphone, also has an 8 MP shooter, whereas all of its Android competitors already rock 13 MP sensors at least (with the notable exception of Sony’s Xperia Z1 and its 20 MP unit). Furthermore, some next generation Android flagships such as the Samsung Galaxy S5 have long been rumored to come with 16 MP cameras, putting Apple in an awkward position in the megapixel race.

Of course, image quality is not all about the number of megapixels in there. But for many, “more is always better” – so certain consumers may be disappointed to find Apple sticking with 8 MP. That could be alleviated somewhat if the company decides to go with a larger sensor or surprise us with any other imaging-related tricks. Already the iPhone 6 is said to come with improved optical image stabilization for its 8 MP camera.

Apparently Apple’s decision to stay at 8 MP for one more year has to do with the fact that higher megapixel cameras would have been larger. So yes, this is something that got sacrificed in the company’s struggle to make its wares as thin as possible.

Apple iPhone 6 frame rumor

Next up, we have the picture you see above. This comes from CTech (via 9to5Mac), and allegedly depicts the upcoming iPhone’s frame. Obviously this could be fake, do keep that in mind.

Based on the image, the iPhone 6 is said to come with a 4.7-inch screen (or something around that figure), and it may be even thinner than the iPhone 5S. That wouldn’t be surprising at all, considering how Apple loves to make its devices ever slimmer (see the iPad Air for a recent example). In fact, a few days ago a report from South Korea said the iPhone 6 will be just 6 mm thin, and will be called iPhone Air. While these things could easily be the figment of someone’s imagination, both moves seem plausible. And that report talked about it having a 4.7-inch display too.

Because this frame is shorter than we expected for an iPhone, if the same screen aspect ratio is kept as seen in previous devices, then Apple may have finally decided to cut the top and bottom bezels somewhat, which would be a very welcome change indeed.

Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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