Upcoming hexa-core Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Neo seemingly pictured alongside original Note 3

Yesterday we first heard that the upcoming cheaper version of the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 was actually going to be more of a rehash of the Galaxy Note 2 from last year with the Note 3’s software goodies added in for good measure. That particular leak thankfully came with a full spec list for the Note 3 Neo, and revealed that most are exact copies of what is in the Note 2 (with the exception of the world’s first hexa-core mobile processor, of course).

What we didn’t have, though, up until right now, is a picture of the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Neo. That has changed courtesy of @SamMobiles, who posted the following:

Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Neo leak

That sure like it’s a Galaxy Note 3 Neo on the left, sitting nicely alongside the original Galaxy Note 3 launched in September. There’s only one problem, though – it appears to be significantly shorter. So either this picture isn’t what it seems to be, or yesterday’s specs got at least one thing wrong: the Note 3 Neo’s height. See, it was said to be 151.1 mm, the same as the Note 2, and just 0.1 mm shorter than the Note 3 (which measures 151.2 mm).

Yet look again at the image above: even considering that the device on the left is placed a bit lower than the one on the right, does that seem like a height difference of just one tenth of a millimeter to you?

Obviously, this could be the Note 3 Neo smiling at us after all. The leaked specs from yesterday may be wrong, or things may have still been in motion when that list was created – and perhaps Samsung at some point after that decided to make the Note 3 Neo shorter than initially planned.

There’s no way of telling what exactly happened just yet, but stay tuned and we’ll bring you all the Note 3 Neo-related news as it happens.

Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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