Apple plans to re-launch iPhone 4 8GB for $244 in India, to gain market share

Apple is still struggling to gain any significant foothold in India with iPhone. No carrier subsidies and low average income means that their smartphones are affordable only to a very small subset of Indian customers.

Late last year Apple had some interesting moves to tackle iPhone affordability problem in the country. One of the most successful – old smartphone trade-in program, that gives you $200+ discount from iPhone 5C sticker price, and got it moving in some serious quantities.

Unfortunately, any gains Apple got from its iPhone 5C promotion efforts were brought to naught by the worldwide retirement of the old iPhone 4 8GB. It turns out that despite the old specs, this smartphone was really popular India and competed well with sub-$400 (Rs 30K)  offerings from Samsung’s and others.

iPhone 4 8GB

According to the executive in one top Indian retail chain:

Apple’s iPhone 4 8GB model used to rank amongst the top three selling models by unit sales and fight neck and neck with Samsung, but with its exit the company lost much ground

That’s why, according to Times of India, Apple decided to bring iPhone 4 8GB back to the country, and will sell it for a very attractive  $244 (Rs 15K) price (via trade-ins).

It is not clear where Apple will get enough iPhone 4 units. They have discontinued the production last year and restarting it might not be feasible. One possibility is to collect all the unsold iPhone 4 inventories sitting  in partner warehouses around the world and bring them to India, but that’s just a speculation at this point.

According to Times of India, iPhone 4 8GB slaes may restart as early as next week.

Source: Times Of India

Author: Stasys Bielinis

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  • surethom

    Im sorry but 8gb only in a phone should Die now. 16gb Minimum for medium phones & 32gb minimum for highend phone. Memory is actually very very cheap.