Microsoft confirms it pays OEMs to promote Windows Phone, calls rumored $2.6B number “complete fiction”

Yesterday we told you about Eldar Murtazin’s claims that Microsoft will pay $2.6 billion to OEM partners to make and promote Windows phones. Today Microsoft’s communications lead Frank X. Shaw responded to Eldar’s info with a tweet:

MSFT Platform payments comms F Shaw response

As you can see, Mr. Shaw vehemently disputes Murtazin’s numbers. However, he seems to confirm that at least some money will change hands between OEM partners and Microsoft to promote Windows Phone. I asked for @eldarmurtazin ‘s  comment on this. Here is his take:

MSFT platform payments Shaw Murtazin response

So what should we make of this?

For me, it is pretty clear that Microsoft will pay quite a lot of money to its OEM partners to promote Windows Phone this year. As they should. There is little else they can do to wean smartphone OEMs from their Android addiction. The money will be sent to WP vendors in the form of co-marketing funds, not as Nokia like “platform support” payments.

But we are playing with semantics here. In the end – cash is cash, no matter what you call it for  accounting or PR purposes. The only questions that remain are – “How much?“, and “Will those payments lead to WP success?


Author: Stasys Bielinis

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