NTT Docomo abandons its Tizen smartphone launch plans for now

Samsung’s own smartphone platform effort, Tizen,  can’t seem to catch a break. Its biggest supporter among mobile carriers – NTT Docomo – just officially announced that they are delaying Tizen smartphone launch plans indefinitely.

Samsung and Intel unveiled Tizen OS way back in September 2011, with first devices scheduled to ship in late 2012. That got pushed to spring 2013, then summer 2013, then again- to Q4.  And, obviously, nothing happened.

Samsung now has a big Tizen coming out party scheduled for February 23 in Barcelona. So we will see some  handsets there. But a truly commercial carrier device, ready ship in a few weeks, should have been the highlight of the day. NTT Docomo’s Tizen smartphone, launching in March, was that device.

And now its gone.


It is unclear why NTT Docomo abandoned its Tizen plans for now. There were some reports that Samsung’s new OS is still too buggy. Others say that between a huge demand for iPhones in Japan and renewed focus on profitability via device portfolio optimization, NTT Docomo simply ran out of space for an unproven OS.

Be it as it may, this is a huge blow to Samsung’s own OS ambitions and makes Tizen future in mobile even more uncertain than it was before.

Source: Blog of Mobile, RB Men, SankeiBiz

Author: Stasys Bielinis

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