Pantech’s Vega Iron 2 comes in April to compete with Samsung Galaxy S5 and HTC M8

When you think about South Korea-based smartphone makers, the companies that spring into mind are probably Samsung and LG. But there’s a third one that is doing quite well in its native country – Pantech. It has made a few shy attempts at entering more markets (the US for example), but even in 2014 its operations are still primarily focused on Korea. Maybe that will change in the future, but we’ve been waiting for Pantech to make a big push overseas for so many years that it’s impossible to tell whether something like that will ever happen.

Last year, Pantech unveiled the Vega Iron (pictured below) at around the same time that the world got to know the Samsung Galaxy S4 and the HTC One. And apparently there’s a sequel in the works, the aptly named Pantech Vega Iron 2, which will get announced in April this year. That also comes at around the time that Samsung’s new flagship is rumored to be unveiled, so once again Pantech doesn’t seem to fear the competition – instead choosing to tackle it head on.

Pantech Vega Iron

The Vega Iron 2 will keep its predecessor’s “endless metal” frame that incorporates the necessary antennas, which allows for a unique design entirely devoid of plastic. The handset will be sold by all three Korean carriers just like the original Vega Iron, and its development phase is apparently almost finished. It will sport a fingerprint identification sensor, something Pantech’s already featured in the Vega Secret Note and Vega Secret Up. The Vega Iron 2’s sensor will reportedly be an upgraded part, though, coming with better fingerprint verifying abilities.

Unfortunately though, that’s all we have right now in terms of specs for this smartphone. Yet by April everything should have been leaked comprehensively, so stay tuned.

Via ZDNet Korea here and here

Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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