Apple may start 4.7” iPhone 6 mass production in May, lauch in June. 5.7” iPhone scheduled for later

Apple may launch 4.7” iPhone 6 this summer, with bigger 5.7” version coming later this fall.

According to Chinese analyst Sun Chyang Xu, who was pretty spot on about Google X phone developments last year, Apple may start the trial production of 4.7” iPhone 6 as early as next month. Then, if things go as planned, it will begin a full scale mass production in May. Which is about right for iPhone 6 announcement during Apple WWDC conference on June 10th.

According to Chyang Xu, the 4.7” iPhone will keep the 1136×640 pixel screen resolution of its predecessor. With higher resolution displays reserved for the bigger 5.7” iPhones later.

iPhone 6 May mass production

With the addition of Japan’s NTT Docomo and China Mobile, Apple more or less exhausted the easy growth avenues through iPhone distribution expansion. In fact, most of distribution growth potential was used up already a year ago. To keep up with competition, Apple had to move away from its 1 iPhone launch a year product cycle, which it did with the introduction of iPhone 5S and 5C.

The next logical step – is to have two big iPhone launch events a year for 2 very distinct iPhone models. Which seems the direction Apple is headed in right now.

Source: Tencent

Author: Stasys Bielinis

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  • NovellaParras

    Good worked by the Apple to start the Iphone.

  • Samir Shah

    Sound good to me. The low resolution bothers me but that may have been a requirement for a speedy design cycle and app compatibility.

  • Canuk Storm

    If you look at the iPad Air, it has a 264ppi on a 9.7″ screen. Being an owner of one, I’ve never had a problem with the “low” resolution or quality of the screen. The sharpness of text, blacks, whites, colors, all look beautiful. If it can work for the iPad Air, it can work on an iPhone with a screen of 4.7″. Although, I’d be surprised if Apple makes a phablet at 5.7″.

  • JeanettMettler

    Its very good facility being started by the Apple for Launch a Iphone 6.