Samsung Galaxy S5 will only have fingerprint ID. Iris recognition technology is too immature

Samsung Galaxy S4 was a big disappointment to Samsung. Its Executive VP Lee Young Hee admitted as much in an interview with Bloomberg earlier this month.

S4 looked too similar to its predecessor – Galaxy S3, and the bump in specs was simply not enough for many potential customers. So this year Samsung is going to change that. Among the rumored improvements coming to Galaxy S5 is major redesign, a metal chassis, 2K display and 64-bit Exynos CPU. And biometric identification.

There were some rumors based on recently discovered patent, that Galaxy S5 may get an Iris recognition tech for biometric ID. And Samsung execs confirmed that they are looking into it. But, according Korea Herald, S5 is only getting fingerprint scanner this year. Iris recognition technology is simply too immature.

Samsung Galaxy Tab X

Korea Herald sources had quite a rant about the iris recognition biometric ID tech:

“Who would want to put their handset up close to their eyes for authentication in places like movie theaters and bed, or even while they are driving?…

In order to enable iris recognition on a smartphone, an extra camera designed specifically for the identification technology should be installed, which will make the smartphone bigger since there will be three camera modules. And since iris recognition requires a long range camera, the smartphone, if fitted with the camera, needs a completely different design from previous models…”

There you have it. No Iris recognition in Galaxy S5. But Samsung is indeed working on it, and may figure something out in time for Galaxy S6 or S7.

Source: Korea Herald

Author: Stasys Bielinis

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