Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Neo press pictures leaked, though it won’t come to the US or UK

The Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Neo, which is basically nothing more than a Galaxy Note II refresh in a body that resembles the original Note 3 in an uncanny fashion, should have been announced by now. We have no clue why Samsung didn’t just put out a press release making it official, since we already know almost everything of note (pun intended) about it.

The Note 3 Neo has leaked so many times it’s getting tiring. But now it’s apparently very close to going up for pre-order in Belgium, at least at one particular retailer. Someone working there decided to grab the official press images accompanying the still not accessible pre-order page, and here they are:


No, apparently that’s not a Galaxy Note 3, it’s a Galaxy Note 3 Neo. Which does indeed look 100% identical. It should be smaller though, in both height and width, while it may be a tad thicker. So if you have both in front of you, you’ll clearly be able to tell them apart. In such official renders with no context, though, that’s almost impossible.

The pre-order price, at least in Belgium, is set at €599, which is certainly a lot more than some were expecting from this “more affordable” Note 3 version. Sure, it’s still around €50 cheaper than the Note 3 is in Europe right now, and about €100 cheaper than that was when it launched, but for such a small price difference it’s unlikely that anyone would actually choose the lower-end sibling. Perhaps that’s just hyper-inflated pre-order pricing, who knows.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Neo is expected to be unveiled at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona at the end of February, and it should go on sale shortly after that. However, that won’t be the case in the US and the UK, where company officials have confirmed that the Note 3 Neo won’t (ever) be offered. Not officially, at least. Obviously you’ll always be able to find some retailers doing imports from markets which will get the new phablet.

But as far as Samsung is concerned, the Galaxy Note 3 Neo has nothing to do on the US and UK markets for whatever reason. Maybe it will be a developing markets-only thing? If so, then, what’s it doing in Belgium? Mysteries, mysteries… Stay tuned and we’ll help solve these for you.

Via SamMobile, Android Central, Engadget

Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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