LTE capable Samsung Galaxy Grand 2 on the way

Samsung unveiled the Galaxy Grand 2 in November of last year, and now it’s working on an LTE-enabled version of that handset it turns out.

The Galaxy Grand 2 is obviously the successor to the original Galaxy Grand, the main focus of the line being a big screen – though not backed up by high-end specs like the flagships of this day and age. It’s a ‘big screen for the masses’ sort of concept.


The Galaxy Grand 2 has so far come in 3G-only single-SIM and 3G-only dual-SIM variants, and now we’re getting ready to see it with LTE as well (though don’t hope for a dual-SIM LTE model, for Samsung has never before released anything like that).

The information about the LTE Grand 2 comes via its user manual and SAR details that have both already been uploaded to Samsung’s own website. In terms of specs, nothing seems to have changed compared to the 3G model – aside from the added LTE connectivity, of course.

It’s unclear when this handset will launch, but with the user manual going up on Samsung’s website, it can’t be long now.

Via SamMobile

Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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