Samsung Galaxy S5 Active in the works too, Galaxy S5 Zoom spotted

Last year, there wasn’t just one Samsung Galaxy S4, but many – the original, but also the S4 Zoom, S4 Active, and S4 Mini variants. This year it seems that things won’t be different at all. We’ve already told you that the S5 Mini and S5 Zoom are coming, and now we got word that Samsung is apparently working on a Galaxy S5 Active as well.

Furthermore, the Korean company wants the waterproof and dustproof Active variation to take up much more of the total Galaxy S5 sales than its predecessor did for the S4.


The Galaxy S4 Active only managed around 3 to 4% of the total Galaxy S4 sales, which clearly qualifies it as nothing but a niche device. Samsung has much more lofty goals for this year’s Galaxy S5 Active, though, hoping it will be able to make up around 20 to 30% of total sales. For that to happen, Samsung needs to market it much more aggressively. Samsung wants more people to buy the waterproof S5 Active because water damage is responsible for more than 30% of visits to service centers.

As for the Galaxy S5 Zoom, a Samsung device with the model number SM-C115 has appeared at Indian import tracking website Zauba. The “C” in there stands for camera-like devices, and the Galaxy S4 Zoom’s model number is SM-C101. So it obviously feels reasonable that this would be its successor, the S5 Zoom.

Past mumblings had the S5 Zoom coming out in May with a 4.8-inch 540×960 AMOLED touchscreen and Android 4.4 KitKat on board. Hopefully the Galaxy S5 Active will be identical to the vanilla S5, with added ruggedness.

Via ETNews and Ameblo

Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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