Samsung schedules event on February 24 for Galaxy S5 debut

Over the past few months, we’ve seen much speculation about when Samsung will announce the Galaxy S5, its next flagship smartphone. One of the more concrete mumblings mentioned February 23 as the date, and Barcelona as the venue (as MWC is set to start on February 24 this year).

Well, that might have been extremely close to the truth. Today, the Korean company announced that it will hold an “Unpacked” event on February 24 in Barcelona, at 8 pm local time. This is almost certainly where the Galaxy S5 will be unveiled.


Why, you ask? Well, just look at the invite above. The event is called Unpacked 5. 5, get it? Samsung always calls events during which it launches flagships “Unpacked”. And the “Episode 1″ thing isn’t new, it’s a format the company has used in previous years. So what then is the point of that “5” there? Well, if it’s not a very obvious hint as to what the event will be about, then it serves absolutely no purpose whatsoever.

So there. February 24 – the date of the Galaxy S5’s official debut. Do keep a teeny tiny grain of salt nearby just in case, though, for Samsung didn’t make our lives easy by simply calling this the Galaxy S5’s coming out party. But that’s what it must be.

Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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