Samsung Tab Pro and Note Pro tablets get priced for the US, out on February 13

The new Galaxy Tab Pro and Galaxy Note Pro tablets that were announced last month during CES have finally been priced for the US market today – and we also have an official release date to speak of.

Following the pre-orders that it started taking for the Galaxy Note Pro tablet in the UK, Samsung has now unveiled that that model, alongside the Galaxy Tab Pro 8.4, Galaxy Tab Pro 10.1, and Galaxy Tab Pro 12.2 (pictured below) will be available in the US of A on February 13. That’s next Thursday, by the way.

Samsung Tab Pro 12-1

The pricing for the tablets is as follows. For the 16 GB Galaxy Tab Pro 8.4, it’s $399.99. For the 16 GB Galaxy Tab Pro 10.1, $499.99. For the 32 GB Galaxy Tab Pro 12.2, $649.99. For the 32 GB Galaxy Note Pro 12.2, $749.99. And finally, for the 64 GB Galaxy Note Pro 12.2, it’s a whopping $849.99.

All of these are for the Wi-Fi-only models, as you’d expect. The base model for the Galaxy Tab Pro 8.4 and Galaxy Tab Pro 10.1 comes with 16 GB of internal storage, and both of these tablets’ prices match up with their Apple competitors. The Tab Pro 8.4 starts at exactly as much as the iPad Mini with Retina Display, while the 10.1-incher is priced the same as the iPad Air. So, at least in this case, because Samsung cleverly opted not to go the overpricing route, sales should be at least good, if not great – let’s keep in mind that for the Android world, these are the highest-end tablets ever announced.

The 12.2-inchers, though, are in a class of their own – because they have virtually no competition, but also because they’re incredibly expensive. The 12-inch tablets both have base models with 32 GB of storage included, as you can see from the pricing above. That, however, can’t truly account for their high prices, at least not by itself. Nor can their bigger screens, so perhaps Samsung doesn’t expect to sell many of these to consumers anyway, and it knows that businesses don’t usually mind such higher markups.

Verizon will be the first carrier to offer one of these when it launches the Galaxy Note Pro with 4G LTE before the end of March.

Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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