HTC M8 has its back photographed

The HTC M8 is the upcoming successor to the One from last year, and the latest intel says it will launch next month. M8 is just a codename – HTC may call this the One 2, the Two, or simply the One (2014). We’ll have to see about that.

So far there have been many leaks about the M8, but until today we haven’t seen it in an actual image. That changes now, though, with the following picture purportedly showing the smartphone’s back.

It’s got the same design that was featured in a leaked back cover for the M8 in November last year, and like many reports had it – it looks very much like the One. That’s intentional, see – HTC is looking to capitalize on a design that’s been well received last year.

HTC M8 back

There’s a dual-LED camera flash in tow, but the interesting detail here is that what we thought was a hole for a fingerprint sensor (above the camera) when we saw the back cover leak, is actually feeling more like a second camera now that we have the whole back pictured. Why would HTC do something like that? Thankfully, not to offer 3D imaging as on the ill-fated Evo 3D from a few years back, but to allow for refocusing pictures after they’ve been taken. That’s what the “twin sensor” camera is for, and it should improve image quality while it’s at it.

Something like this was rumored last month, and it certainly seems like that has panned out. On the other hand, that could still be a fingerprint sensor, though one cleverly made to look like a second camera. It’s really not 100% clear at this time, but stay tuned and we’ll let you know the minute we find out more.

The HTC M8 is expected to look almost identical to its predecessor from the front, save for the small difference that it will feature software rendered Android buttons.

Via @HTCFamily_RU

Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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