Samsung Galaxy S5 ‘confirmed’ to be announced on February 24 but sans 2,560×1,440 screen

Yesterday Samsung announced an event for February 24 at MWC in Barcelona, without explicitly saying what it’s for. However, the company dropped a big hint by calling the shindig Unpacked 5. 5, as in Galaxy S5, get it?

So we assumed that it was indeed when and where we’ll see Samsung’s next flagship smartphone for the first time, but we couldn’t be 100% sure without a confirmation.

That has come today from the New York Times, which quotes an anonymous source who confirms that the February 24 event is in fact for unveiling the Galaxy S5. Which, by the way, will actually be called Galaxy S5 – yet another confirmation. Publications such as the New York Times rarely, if ever, jump on unsubstantiated rumors, so we’re inclined to believe such a report much more than your average blogosphere leak.


Here’s the thing, though. The same article says the Galaxy S5 will come with a new and better processor, and a better camera – but no WQHD or QHD display (that’s 2,560×1,440 resolution, by the way). This has been rumored so many times that it felt like a given, but now we’re not so sure. Could Samsung be sticking with a 1080p Full HD panel?

Just yesterday famed Russian journalist and leakster of all things Samsung-related Eldar Murtazin said it will be a QHD panel in there, so what gives? And if the NYT report is wrong on this, is it right on the MWC event? Questions, questions… and no definite answers until we hear something official. So stay tuned.

Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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