HTC will get into wearables this year, may produce high-end Nexus tablet too

HTC hasn’t had a good year in 2013, but the Taiwanese company is hoping that things will be different in 2014. Its next flagship smartphone should come out next month, and there will be a much bigger focus on marketing at HTC from this point on. According to the company’s Chairwoman, Cher Wang, in the past HTC simply didn’t feel that marketing was that important.

Obviously, the top execs have since realized what a mistake that was, and are planning on doing something about it in 2014. This will also be the year when the company’s first wearable device gets released, which will happen in time for the holiday shopping season – so not any time soon.


It’s unclear exactly what HTC is going to do in the wearable space, but a smartwatch seems like a good bet. Apparently the company has been internally experimenting with wearables for a number of years, but so far there have always been challenges and problems that kept them from going to market. Not anymore, it seems, with “battery problems” and “LCD light problems” now fixed, or in the process of being fixed.

That will result in a launch towards the end of the year, and HTC is undoubtedly hoping that dabbling in the nascent wearables market will help its fortunes turn around. It all remains to be seen though.

Also in HTC-related news we have a rumor that a new high-end Nexus tablet will arrive in the third quarter of this year – and yes, it will purportedly be an HTC Nexus tablet. This has been rumored time and time again over the past few years, but so far the only two companies that have made Nexus tablets have been Asus (both Nexus 7 generations) and Samsung (with the Nexus 10).

This mumbling comes from Taiwan and it’s as plausible as anything else we might hear so many months ahead of the purported release date. This might be the next Nexus 7 we’re talking about, or even the Nexus 8 – that is, if Google decides to go larger in terms of screen size for its small tablet.

HTC hasn’t commented on these allegations, unsurprisingly. The company had a couple of bad adventures in the tablet world with the extremely overpriced (at least at first) Flyer, as well as the instantly-forgotten Jetstream. If it wants to get back into the tablet business, obviously producing a Nexus would propel it immediately onto everyone’s radar, but let’s wait and see – if this is true, more leaks about it will definitely follow.

Via Bloomberg and Focus Taiwan

Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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