LG patents flexible capacitive stylus that wraps around your arm, behaves like a smartwatch

A new patent application from LG has surfaced today courtesy of the USPTO. In it, the Korean company describes a very interesting thing that’s basically a flexible capacitive stylus that can be worn on your arm like a watch – and can behave like a smartwatch too.

This could be a very remarkable evolution of the Life Band Touch activity tracker wristband from LG that should become available in the coming weeks. Or it may just be a different product altogether, one sold in conjunction with the Life Band Touch. And as always when it comes to patent applications, there’s also the possibility that no actual product will ever result from this. It could just have been an interesting project for an R&D division, and nothing more.

Let’s hope not, though. This has the potential of being quite unique, marrying the still rarely used capacitive stylus with some of the functions of a smart watch – and possibly even an activity tracker. It’s essentially a flexible wristband that has a capacitive stylus tip at one end. It wraps around your arm and you can wear it like a watch.

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In one described embodiment in the patent application, it also has a touchscreen which can be used to relay information from a connected mobile device (think smartphone or tablet) or can even control certain aspects of said paired device. This, in a way, sounds familiar – LG’s Life Band Touch can remote control a smartphone-based music player, after all.

The thing basically has two modes of existence – as a stylus, when it’s straight, and as a wristband of sorts, after it’s been ‘deformed’. It can stay in either form until you change it into the other one. It even knows whether it’s straight or bent, and can communicate its state to a connected mobile device. Furthermore, a number of different sensors can be fitted to this stylus, allowing it to track one’s activity in a very similar way to the Life Band Touch wristband and other activity trackers. The stylus pen tip could be made detachable, allowing for easy replacement if needed.

LG thinks that right now there aren’t more capacitive styluses around because they’re easy to lose and if they’re stored inside of mobile devices can make these more bulky than they need be. This invention is obviously the company’s solution to all of these issues – and a pretty innovative one. Whether or not it will catch on is another matter entirely, though.

Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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