Samsung Galaxy S5 will come with new TouchWiz icons

On February 24, Samsung will unveil the Galaxy S5, that much is pretty clear by now. As we get closer to that event, it seems that the Korean company wants to tease the device more and more.

The first invitation to the shindig featured only a prominent 5 plastered on it, so as to make sure we get what it’s about. Now though, Samsung has released yet another invite design, and it’s a lot more colorful.

TouchWiz new teaser

That’s because it seems to portray the new iconography used in what we can only assume is the newest TouchWiz iteration that is set to debut alongside the Galaxy S5. TouchWiz is Samsung’s UI overlay that sits on top of Android and has been much criticized in recent years for being too ‘heavy’, too ‘cartoonish’, and generally in need of a big redesign.

That may have finally happened, if we go by these icons. They’re nothing like the TouchWiz we’ve known so far. Yet they’re probably not the only things that have changed in the new version of the software that will ship with the S5. So we’re expecting the latest TouchWiz to be overall flatter and more in touch with current design trends.

Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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