iPhone 6 to come in two sizes in September

These days, most leaks are about the Samsung Galaxy S5. That’s understandable, since the handset is due to be announced in less than two weeks. However, you may be craving some iPhone-related rumors – if so, this is for you. Not that we haven’t already heard a myriad of scenarios for the iPhone 6, mind you. But here’s a new one.

Apparently Apple will go the way of Oppo and release two versions of the iPhone 6. Two similarly high-end iterations, as there won’t be an iPhone 6C. The C line, it seems, starts and ends with the iPhone 5C. The cheap iPhone option will be the iPhone 5S from the point when the iPhone 6 gets unveiled.


That, by the way, will happen in September. So Apple won’t break its yearly release cycle and put a new smartphone out before that. The two iPhone 6 models will have different screen sizes, one being 4.7-inch and the other 5.5-inch diagonally.

This info reportedly comes from “industry insiders who have seen the prototypes”, according to the South China Morning Post. The iPhone 6 models will have screens made from scratch-resistant sapphire crystal, which is second only to diamonds in terms of scratch-resistance – though it shatters more easily than other hardened things that phone displays are covered with (think Gorilla Glass). So far, Apple has used sapphire for camera sensors and the Touch ID fingerprint scanner in the iPhone 5S, but now it’s going all-in with the material by using it for screens.

However, that ‘sapphire crystal screen for iPhone 6’ rumor is contradicted by a report from China from a couple of days ago, which basically states (according to “industry sources” yet again) that it’s unlikely to happen. The reasons have to do with both cost increases which Apple wouldn’t tolerate, as well as limited production capacity for such screens.

So what will it be, in the end? At this point there is an iPhone 6 prototype being tested with the sapphire crystal display, so it could go either way. The ‘design freeze’ for the iPhone 6 is set for April, so until then things are in flux.

One of the iPhone 6 versions will come with a 441 ppi pixel density, equaling that of the Samsung Galaxy S4 (though not that of the Galaxy S5, if it indeed comes with a 2,560×1,440 panel). Apple has long been rumored to make its smartphones’ screens larger, but so far it’s been way behind the curve on the matter. Though now that we’re seeing 5-inch and larger devices become more and more successful, the American company may have no choice but to follow the trend.

Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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