Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro and Note Pro tablets are becoming available in Europe

Yesterday the Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro and Note Pro tablets went on sale in the US. Today, it seems like it’s Europe’s turn to get the new tablets. We’re talking about continental Europe, since some members of these lines have been already available to order in the UK.

SamMobile says that the tablets are out in the Netherlands. This gives us a chance to learn about their pricing in euros, as so far we’ve only dealt with US dollar prices and ones expressed in British pounds. Normally tablets cost the same amount in the US and Europe, just in the respective currencies – so $100 becomes €100, and so on. This makes things more expensive in Europe, but that’s apparently to do with sales tax, import duties, and whatnot.

Samsung Note Pro1

However, this mechanism hasn’t been employed by Samsung for two of these tablets. So, for example, the Galaxy Tab Pro 8.4 starts at €370 in the Netherlands, whereas it’s $399 in the US. The Tab Pro 10.1 is priced from €479, even though it’s $499 in the US of A. Their more expensive siblings, though, do go by the ‘normal’ logic of pricing in the business, being offered for €649 (Galaxy Tab Pro 12.2) and €749 (Galaxy Note Pro 12.2), respectively. Prices should be similar (but maybe not identical) in all of the countries which adopt the euro as the national currency.

Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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