HTC M8 will finally get unveiled on March 25 in New York and London

The two most highly anticipated smartphones of at least the first half of this year are undoubtedly the Samsung Galaxy S5 and the HTC M8 (which will end up being called One 2, One, or Two, or whatever else HTC dreams up). For a while we’ve already known that Samsung is planning to announce its next high-end flagship on February 24 in Barcelona. But what about HTC?

Well, in the past we’ve heard rumors pointing towards a late March unveiling for the extensively leaked M8, and now that’s been confirmed by the struggling Taiwanese smartphone maker. “The best is about to get better”, and it will do so on March 25 – at two different (but simultaneous) events.

htc-invite-01 htc-invite-02

One will be held in New York City, and the other in London. And it’s then when we expect HTC to debut the M8, clearly the handset that the company expects to take it out of the slump it’s currently in.

This scheduling means that in the battle with Samsung, HTC will have the final word, so to speak, but that could also backfire somewhat – especially if Samsung manages to actually release the Galaxy S5 even before the M8 gets announced. Though in the end, no matter what will happen, such fierce competition is always beneficial for consumers, thankfully.

Via G4Games

Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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