The All New HTC One (M8) official press picture leaked

Well, well, well. Today’s a big day, since we finally found out just what HTC will call the One’s successor, and we’ve also been treated to the first ever leak of a press render depicting it. March 25 can’t come soon enough, it seems.

So, it turns out that the next HTC flagship smartphone won’t be the One+. Or the One Plus. Or the One 2 (thankfully). Or the Two. It will be… “The All New HTC One”. Apple’s tried something similar for its full size iPad once, and that didn’t go so well. So we’re assuming that everyone will end up calling this either the One (2014), or ‘the new HTC One’ or something like that – for sanity’s sake, naturally.

The All New HTC One leaked render

The new One looks a lot like the old One, as you can see from the official image above. It is said to be launching in three color versions: gold, gray, and silver. What the difference may be between ‘gray’ and ‘silver’ will be interesting to see, since those words are often used as synonyms.

The oft-rumored dual-sensor camera and the software-rendered Android buttons are in, which is good news. But the huge black bar below the buttons, containing just an HTC logo, seems completely useless and only contributes to enlarging an already huge bottom bezel. Luckily, though, the side bezels seem to have been trimmed somewhat compared to the original One. With the new One rumored to come with a larger, 5-inch touchscreen, though, that’s probably been warranted by not wanting the overall device to be much bigger than its predecessor.

Via @evleaks

Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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