The All New HTC One now shown in two more color versions: gray and silver

HTC is going to unveil its next flagship smartphone in London and New York on March 25. The device is codenamed M8 and will be sold as ‘The All New HTC One’. And here we are more than a month before the unveiling and we know pretty much everything there is to know about this handset – the event looks like it won’t bring any surprises at all.

Yesterday we saw the first ever leaked press render showing the new HTC One, in its gold color version. We heard that there would be three variations at launch, though, with ‘gray’ and ‘silver’ joining the gold one. We wondered what exactly the difference between those two could be, since those words are sometimes used as synonyms.

Well, we have to wonder no more, for @evleaks has delivered once again. So ladies and gentlemen, here’s the new HTC One in gray:

The All New HTC One gray leaked press render

And here it is doing its thing in the silver coating:

The All New HTC One silver leaked press render

Obviously HTC may release more color versions at one point or another after the initial release of the new One, but for now these three are what we should expect. Naturally, the specs will be identical in all three cases, with the respective paint jobs representing the only difference.

Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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