Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Neo priced in Europe

The Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Neo was never going to be cheap as in a midranger – more like cheap as in the iPhone 5C. That is to say, less expensive than its sibling (in this case, the original Note 3), but not actually affordable per se.

Turns out even that may have been an optimistic view. Samsung has just officially announced availability information for the Galaxy Note 3 Neo in Germany, where the phablet will be out before the end of this month. Recommended retail pricing was unveiled too – €579.

galaxy-note-3-neo-1 (1)

That may be slightly less than the original RRP for the Galaxy Note 3, but at the moment the bigger (and better specced) phablet can be purchased from Amazon Germany for just €520. That… kind of boggles the mind.

Obviously Amazon may just be forgoing some profits here, but still – that’s an interesting situation, where a lower-end model could be more expensive than a higher-end one. It just makes no sense, so we assume there won’t be any big German retailers sticking with Samsung’s RRP, instead selling the Note 3 Neo for less. Hopefully, they’ll also make it cheaper than the Note 3. Though if it’s not much cheaper, then one wonders why anyone would buy it instead of the premium option.

Via Telecompaper

Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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