Waterproof Samsung Galaxy S5 images leak, show fingerprint sensor, heart monitor, 2,800 mAh battery

Samsung’s managed to keep a tight grip around the Galaxy S5 so far. The handset is due to be officially unveiled in just a few short hours during the company’s Unpacked event in Barcelona, but up until today we’ve seen absolutely no live images showing it getting leaked. That’s an amazing accomplishment in this day and age, where devices launch with us knowing everything there is to know about them sometimes for weeks in advance.

Not so in this case, though, as there’s been a lot of speculation as to how the Galaxy S5 will look and what specs it will pack. And now we finally have the answers for some of the burning questions. That’s because the phone has been extensively leaked, being shown in many live hands-on photos.

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As you’ve probably gathered, the Galaxy S5 is made out of plastic, though the back cover features a new dimple pattern. So we don’t have that faux leather look a la the Galaxy Note 3, but (thankfully) not the fingerprint-friendly back from the Galaxy S4. It’s different, this, that’s for sure. Here are some comparison shots with the Galaxy S4 and Galaxy Note 3:

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The Galaxy S5 will be water and dust resistant, as has been previously rumored. We’re talking about the ‘main’ model here, so there won’t be a need for an Active-branded version anymore. The microUSB slot (which has been bumped up to support USB 3.0, making it the second handset with that feature after the Galaxy Note 3) is covered by a flap to enable the water proofing. The Galaxy S5 adheres to the IP67 standard, so you can submerge it into up to one meter of water for up to 30 minutes without a problem.

There’s a fingerprint sensor in tow, and it’s inside the Home button. It’s a swipe-type thing, unlike Apple’s Touch ID in the iPhone 5S – so you’ll need to swipe your finger across it to register your prints. On the back, below the camera and right next to the LED flash is a heart rate sensor. It works when you put your index finger on top of it. The location was chosen due to the natural tendency for your index finger to rest somewhere in that area when you use the phone.

The 16 MP camera will come with ‘selective focus’, allowing you to snap a picture, and then choose whether to focus on the foreground, the background, or both. 4K video recording is in too. TouchWiz got some new icons this time around, and a phone version of the Magazine UX present on the Pro tablets is in too – as an evolution of sorts to the My Magazine feature that debuted in the Galaxy Note 3.

We don’t know yet what size the screen will be, but based on the comparison pics above, it’s going to be a tad larger than that in the Galaxy S4 – so maybe those rumors consistently talking about a 5.25″ panel were right. The resolution is claimed to be ‘just’ 1080p Full HD, and not 2,560×1,440 QHD, but a different model with the latter could also be announced today – and it might ship later than this one.

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The shot above shows a 3.85 V 10.78 Wh battery, which means we’re dealing with a 2,800 mAh cell. This will be slightly disappointing to some, especially considering that the just unveiled Sony Xperia Z2 comes with 400 mAh more.

Via Hardware Zone and @SaudiAndroid

Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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