ZTE Nubia X 6-inch phablet supposedly leaked via spy shot

ZTE’s Nubia sub-brand currently maxes out at the 5-inch Z5S that was unveiled back in November. That may soon change, though. In these times in which phablets seem to be all the rage (and especially in Asia), ZTE can’t afford to miss out. So, on one hand, there’s the upcoming Grand Memo II that we talked about yesterday, but something big is cooking for Nubia too.

Last year we thought that the first Nubia phablet would be called Z7, but it may in fact be out as the Nubia X. ZTE itself has been teasing this name, so we at least know there’s a Nubia in the making bearing that name. Whether or not this will in fact be the first Nubia phablet remains to be seen.


In the meantime, though, you can feast your eyes upon the leaked image above, which is said to show the upcoming ZTE Nubia X. This photo shows us a very different design to the one portrayed by the previously leaked Z7, so either the Chinese company has changed things up, or one of these is fake. However, while the Nubia Z7 was rumored to come with a 6.44-inch touchscreen, the Nubia X will apparently settle for a 6-inch panel, which, if true, may mean that there are in fact two Nubia phablets in the making. We’ll let you know when we find out more about this situation.

Via GizChina

Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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