Moto X follow-up coming in late summer, smartwatch later. Moto G is its best selling smartphone ever

The Moto X has been highly praised for being able to marry hardware and software in an interesting way, but the handset is getting more and more long in the tooth with every day that goes by. So naturally, you may wonder when or if to expect a successor for the Moto X?

According to Motorola itself, the follow-up should be on the market in late summer. This might, however, be a launch once again limited to just the US – keep that in mind. The Moto X was US-only at first, then it became Americas-only, and only made its way to other places many months after the initial release.


The new Moto X isn’t the only thing that Motorola’s been cooking for 2014, though. The company is set to release its very own smartwatch that will “address consumer issues like style & battery life”. This should be out by the end of the year, with no less vague time frame announced for now.

If you were thinking that the affordable Moto G has to be pretty successful in terms of sales with its killer price and extremely decent specs, well, you were right. Not only is it successful, but it’s the best sold Motorola smartphone ever made.

All of this information comes from a Q&A that Motorola did at MWC, where it was present despite not announcing anything new.

Via Twitter here and here, Android Central

Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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