Nokia X series won’t be available in the US, Canada, Korea, or Japan

A couple of days ago, before Samsung underwhelmed everybody with the Galaxy S5, Nokia shocked the mobile world by announcing a trio of Android-powered handsets – the X, X+, and XL. These are all low-end offerings, and neither supports any Google services (the Play Store included), so you’ll have to make do with Microsoft services and a Nokia application store.

Still, they will be pretty cheap, with pricing before taxes and subsidies expected to be €89 for the Nokia X, €99 for the Nokia X+, and €109 for the Nokia XL. But where will they be available?


It turns out that you should expect to see these three pretty much across the globe, with the notable exceptions of the US, Canada, South Korea, and Japan. The word comes straight from Jussi Nevanlinna, Nokia’s VP for Mobile Phone marketing, so it doesn’t get any more official than this.

Hence, if you’re in the US of A and wanted to grab one of these, you’re out of luck. But while they won’t be making it to the official channels, you may still be catered to by some third party retailers offering imports from other countries. Then again, why would you buy an Android phone that strips away everything that defines Android, no matter how cheap?

Via Nokia

Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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