Samsung Galaxy S5 could be cheaper than its predecessor

Good news for prospective Samsung Galaxy S5 buyers – the flagship smartphone might end up being cheaper than the Galaxy S4 was when it launched. Before you read any further, though, please keep in mind that this is just a rumor, and it might not pan out. In fact, given what’s happened to spec-related rumors about the Galaxy S5, there’s a big chance that it’s simply not true. So don’t get your hopes up, imagining a $99 on contract Galaxy S5 and a $400 off-contract price, and then when that doesn’t happen turn into a very disappointed human being. This isn’t Samsung officially saying anything – the company hasn’t announced pricing for the S5 yet. It’s just a report from South Korea, that’s all.

And we’ve seen many outlandish specs rumored for the Galaxy S5 through exactly this kind of report – none of which actually panned out. Then again, it would make a lot of sense for Samsung to do something like this. Making the Galaxy S5 cheaper at its launch than the Galaxy S4 was last year, and obviously at the same time making it more affordable than key rivals such as the Sony Xperia Z2, would be a great PR victory for the Korean company.

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Some people have been disappointed that the S5 isn’t a revolution in terms of specs compared to its predecessor. But if it’s cheaper than that was, then all of that disappointment needs to go away, because the S5 will turn from a premium offering instantly into a value proposition – and one with very interesting features such as the new camera, the fingerprint scanner, the heart rate monitor, and the enhanced software.

The tale goes like this: in South Korea, Samsung would like to price the Galaxy S5 in the 800,000 to 850,000 won bracket, which would be 100,000 to 150,000 won cheaper than the Galaxy S4’s launch price of 950,000 won. The price difference amounts to around $100 to $140. However, the prices in South Korea are insanely high – that 950,000 won the Galaxy S4 went for translates into roughly $891.

So this may apply only to that particular country, or it may happen elsewhere but we could see lower differences. If this does occur in South Korea, it will certainly put LG’s pricing of the G Pro 2 to shame – that’s currently valued at 999,900 won, or a whopping $937.

However, it’s all a matter of “discussions with carriers” for the moment, this Galaxy S5 pricing-related stuff. We’ll keep you posted.

Via ZDNet Korea

Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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