The All New HTC One reportedly stars in live images

The All New HTC One is coming, and it will be officially announced on March 25. Until then, though, we’re bound to see many more leaks of this particular device. Especially now that both the Samsung Galaxy S5 and the Sony Xperia Z2 are official, the new HTC One has pretty much become the sole focus of leaks for the next few weeks – since it’s the only high-end handset from one of the big manufacturers that’s due to be announced soon.

So what we have for you today are a few pictures, purportedly showing the new One in all its glory in the wild. You know, out and about. Doing its thing. Chilling. That sort of thing. Unfortunately though, as you can see, the images are quite blurry.

HTC all New One live image HTC  All New One live image 1

And they’re a bit odd, too. Either the new One is actually in some sort of case here, or there’s something else (and more fishy) going on, since the space that’s between the main lens and the LED flash assembly looks markedly different than what we saw showcased by the leaked press renders from last week.

Obviously, either these images could be faked somehow, or maybe the aforementioned press renders aren’t the real deal (which we doubt, by the way, especially because of their source). Do note that, and keep your skepticism around.

The person who took these shots says that the new One has a 4 MP front camera, and it’s slimmer than the original HTC One from last year, yet taller. That’s probably because it features a bigger screen than its predecessor, as has been rumored countless times before.

Via HardForum

Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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