The All New HTC One stars in live images, brags about benchmark results, has its name confirmed

For a while, we’ve been calling HTC’s next flagship smartphone “The All New HTC One“. This was based on a leak from a well known and well trusted source, so we saw no reason to doubt it. A couple of days ago, though, HTC thankfully decided to confirm the name of its next superphone by using its UK arm to tweet an image of a big ad panel it placed in a Selfridges department store. On that ad, the words “The All New HTC One” are on the upper left side, while the announcement date of March 25 takes center stage.

So there you go. HTC did in fact decide to call its 2014 flagship “The All New HTC One”, obviously learning nothing from Apple’s “The New iPad” fiasco from a while back.

Tout-Nouveau-HTC-One-2014-M8-01 Tout-Nouveau-HTC-One-2014-M8-03 Tout-Nouveau-HTC-One-2014-M8-02

Speaking of the all new HTC One, a few new live images showing it have made their way to the Internet today. Everything we already know about its design is there for you to behold once more, as you can see above.

The person who leaked these photos decided that he or she should run a benchmark on the new handset as well, and so that gave us the first glimpse at where the all new HTC One will stand in terms of performance. It wasn’t too shabby, managing to top the scores of the Samsung Galaxy Note 3, LG G2, and Sony Xperia Z Ultra – alongside the ones put out by the Samsung Galaxy S4 and last year’s HTC One.


None of this should be surprising, of course, since all of the aforementioned phones came out last year. The hardware in the mobile world still progresses at a breakneck pace, so one would assume (and, perhaps, even hope) that a 2014 flagship comes with better internals than high-end phones from 2013.

It’s still unclear which exact chipset HTC is using for the all new One, though we’re pretty sure it will be a Qualcomm-made Snapdragon. NoWhereElse speculates that we’re going to see a a 2.3 GHz Snapdragon 801 in there, which would be the MSM8974AB part that Sony’s also using in the upcoming Xperia Z2 (this was eventually confirmed by Qualcomm to be a Snapdragon 801, and not 800, by the way).

In that case, an interesting situation is going to be created, whereas the Samsung Galaxy S5 will be the only smartphone using the 2.5 GHz MSM8974AC Snapdragon 801 version, the highest-end chipset to date from Qualcomm. This immediately puts the all new HTC One at a disadvantage in terms of benchmarking results at least, if not real life performance.

If the all new One is in fact using a Snapdragon 801, then the better results it gave out compared to other devices running Snapdragon 800 chipsets aren’t surprising at all, seeing as how the 801 is clocked higher, both in terms of CPU as well as GPU.

Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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