HTC Desire 310 introduced for the UK just as LG reannounces the L90

Something pretty weird is going on in the mobile world today. Two big phone makers just reannounced a couple of devices. Why would they do that? Well, let’s say it’s somewhat understandable in the case of HTC. Its new Desire 310 so far only went up on the company’s Chinese website, with no official press release to accompany it. We now have said press release, in which HTC even says the Desire 310 is coming to the UK – and where you should expect to find it. So that’s fair.

But what about LG, then? It just reannounced the L90 which was first made official last month, a couple of weeks or so before MWC, alongside two smaller and lower-end siblings, the L70 and L40. And now the L90 gets a press release of its own, for no apparent reason. Oh, wait, there’s this extremely important tidbit: “the L90 will be available initially in the CIS region followed by other markets around the world”. See? An amazingly useful communication from LG, this.


Engadget says the launch in the CIS region (read: Russia and a few of its neighbors) will happen this week, but the official press release says nothing of the kind, so where this info comes from is unclear.

LG’s also re-listed all of the L90’s specs, so we’ll do that for you too right now, just so you won’t forget about this rather forgettable midranger (that, by the way, still doesn’t have a price). You should expect a 4.7-inch 940×560 IPS touchscreen, an 8 MP rear camera, a 1.3 MP front camera, a 1.2 GHz quad-core processor, 1 GB of RAM, 8 GB of internal storage, 21 Mbps HSPA, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS, and a 2,540 mAh battery. Its dimensions are 131.6x66x9.7 mm. It runs Android 4.4 KitKat.

And no, we have no idea when the L90 will reach territories outside of the CIS, but it’s safe to say this one is aimed primarily at emerging markets. Though we have previously heard that it’s on the way to T-Mobile, so there’s that.

Back to HTC now. The Desire 310 is a low-end device that got a couple of spec changes on the way from China to the UK. First off, it won’t be dual-SIM in the UK. Additionally, while over in Asia it comes with just 512 MB of RAM (which is simply unacceptable in this day and age for any device that isn’t running Android 4.4 KitKat), in the UK we’re happy to see that doubled to 1 GB, which means this handset will at least be remotely usable. However, the tragicomic fixed focus (yes, really – no autofocus!) rear camera remains, so this probably isn’t one to recommend to anyone who uses a phone to take pictures.


The HTC Desire 310 will be out in the UK around the end of April, offered by O2, Vodafone, and Carphone Warehouse. It comes with a 4.5-inch 480×854 touchscreen, a 5 MP rear camera, a VGA front camera, a 1.3 GHz quad-core processor, 4 GB of internal storage, microSD card support, 21 Mbps HSPA, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS, and a 2,000 mAh battery. It runs Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean.

Via Eurodroid

Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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