The All New HTC One stars in hands-on photo shoot, gets a rough release time frame

The most leaked smartphone in recent history has been (unsurprisingly) leaked again. Yes, we’re talking about The All New HTC One – which managed to out-leak even the Samsung Galaxy S5, since we hadn’t seen that pictured before the day of its announcement, but we’ve seen the new One many times already. And now someone got their hands on an All New HTC One headed to China Mobile, and decided to snap a dozen or so pictures of it in the wild. Some of those snaps are even comparing the 2014 HTC One with the HTC One Max that was released last year as the Taiwanese company’s first ever phablet.

So, without further ado, here’s the next HTC One in all its glory:

HTC-One-2014-CM001 HTC-One-2014-CM002 HTC-One-2014-CM0011 HTC-One-2014-CM0012

Just in case press renders are more your thing than hands-on live images, we’ve got you covered too. That’s because a leaked press pic showing the All New HTC One that will be sold by Telus in Canada has made its way to the Internet at large, so here it is for your consideration:


Nothing unexpected to see here, of course. Like in the case of the models headed to AT&T and Verizon in the US, there’s no carrier branding whatsoever on the front, which means it’s probably on the back that you’ll find a Telus logo. Alas, the back isn’t shown in this leak, but judging from what the US carriers did, expect to find a very subtle and non visually intrusive logo over there.

If you were wondering when to expect the new HTC One in stores, apparently that will happen about two weeks after the unveiling (which is scheduled for March 25). So we’re looking at the week that starts on April 7 and ends on April 13. If HTC acts fast, it may even get the new One on shelves before the big launch of the Samsung Galaxy S5 on April 11. Even if that doesn’t happen, that particular week will probably be one of the biggest of the year in terms of smartphone sales, with two Android flagships arriving.

HTC will initially make the new One available in 110 countries across the globe. That’s a slightly smaller number than Samsung’s 150 (for the Galaxy S5), but it’s impressive nonetheless.

Via Weibo, NoWhereElse, MobileSyrup, @HTCFamily_RU

Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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