Apple’s next iPhones will look like both the iPhone 5C and the 7th-gen iPod Nano, iOS 8 details leak

This year, Apple has long been rumored to launch two new iPhones, both of them larger than any handset the company has released before. This would make a lot of sense, seeing as how the Android world has moved towards 5-inch smartphones being the new norm at the high-end space, while Apple’s current iPhones only have 4-inch screens. That said, Apple has resisted dramatic changes for its mobile devices many times before, so let’s not forget that these are all nothing but rumors right now.

Speaking of rumors, we have a new one that speaks about the purported design of the upcoming iPhones. First, it reiterates something we’ve heard before – namely, that one of them will have a 4.7-inch screen, and the other will come with a 5.7-inch display (making it Apple’s first ever phablet). Ignoring for a second whether Apple would actually go that large in one fell swoop, let’s go on. The rumor claims these devices will look like something of a cross between the iPhone 5C and the seventh generation iPod Nano (both pictured below). Those devices are plenty colorful, however the iPhone 5C is made out of plastic, whereas the Nano achieves many different color versions on an anodized aluminium shell. We’re assuming Apple will use the latter for its next iPhones, as otherwise it would lose a whole lot of customers who think plastic phones are by default inferior to metal ones.

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The 5.7-inch iPhone won’t be a midranger meant to replace the iPhone 5C, but a full high-end device, so Apple could use the same hardware innards for both it and the smaller, more mainstream 4.7-inch model. The mute and volume buttons of the bigger handset will have the same shapes as those seen in the iPhone 5C, and the device itself will feature rounded back edges a la the 5C. Further following the design language of the iPhone 5C will be the iPhone phablet’s speaker and mic holes on the bottom.

The phablet will be around 16 cm long, 8 cm wide, and 7 mm thick. However, Apple may decide to make it 7.5 mm thick in production models, so as to not have the camera protrude too much. This is apparently the same thing that’s happened to the iPad Air, when going from concept to actual device. The 4.7-inch iPhone 6 will be approximately 14 cm long, and 7 cm wide. It may also be around 7 mm thick.

Both of these devices should launch running iOS 8, and today we get the first details regarding this next version of the company’s mobile software. Apparently it will be a release focused on improving Apple Maps, in an effort to seriously take on Google on this front. Apple’s Maps database will be updated with better data so that it will be more reliable. The app will get more obvious points of interest, meaning places such as airports, parks, bus stops, highways are easier to spot. The app’s design will be tweaked to make streets more visible too, and public transit directions will be added. iOS 8 will also include an app called Healthbook, which you can think of as a Passbook for fitness activity and health information.

Via Macotakara, Apple Insider, 9to5Mac

Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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  • pdq3

    If the innards are the same, the 4.7″ model will outsell the 5.7″ model. And all the folks who said that Apple was cooked if it didn’t release a phablet will moan about how Apple is doomed because of how poorly that phablet is selling.

    Just sayin.