Oppo Find 7 will be more expensive than anticipated

Just yesterday the low-end version of the upcoming Oppo Find 7 got most of its specs confirmed, and thanks to some rumors originating in the Chinese blogosphere we were led to believe it would be sold for 3,000 yuan in China (which is approximately $488 or €351). However, those reports were wrong, as the Find 7 will be more expensive than that.

And, we might add, more expensive than most of its competitors in China – a country well known for its incredibly cheap smartphones, even at the extremely high-end portion of the market. Oppo’s own stores in China have started to advertise the Find 7’s 1080p version, and the price for it will be 3,498 yuan. That currently amounts to approximately $569 or €411. If you’re reading this from the US or especially Europe that might seem like a rather low price to pay for a flagship smartphone. However, in China comparable devices are at least $100 cheaper, if not even $200 less than that.

Oppo Find 7 price

Oppo Find 7 price 2

And the Find 7’s pricing for international markets may go even higher, so don’t be surprised if it will start at $599 and €499, respectively. And remember, this is the more affordable iteration of the device we’re talking about. The Oppo Find 7 will also have a version that will come with a 5.5-inch 2,560×1,440 (QHD or 2K) touchscreen and has been rumored to also pack a beefier processor and perhaps even more RAM, so that can land at $100 more than the base variant – or maybe it will be even more expensive, since it’s only the second ever handset with that screen resolution, so it certainly has the bragging rights (and let’s not forget that the first ever QHD display is fitted onto the Vivo Xplay 3S, which is only available in China – so for international customers, the Find 7 will in effect be the first ever QHD smartphone).

Paying a premium for a ‘first ever’ feature is nothing new, of course, and likely not something people will get angry about. Yet the 1080p Find 7 seems overpriced, especially compared to other high-end wares out of China. So it remains to be seen whether it will be the best seller that Oppo clearly wants (and needs) it to be.

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Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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